Identify Your Ideal Career

Find satisfying work!

The job market has improved, but maybe you still have Recession Brain, and don't feel you can be too choosy about your job. The truth is, if your work fits your talents and interests, you're much more likely to be successful. You'll be more employable - and you won't be counting the hours until your workday is over!

If you want to better understand how to use your strengths and find satisfying work, we offer a 5-session course of learning and discovery to help you Identify Your Ideal Career.

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This course will give you:

  • Clear identification of your key job strengths, skills and interests
  • Expert and group feedback and support, helping you clarify your new career possibilities
  • Higher level of motivation as you identify your ideal career direction
  • Understanding of your "career best" areas where talents, interests and company needs come together
  • Specific job titles that match your strengths and skills

Identify Your Ideal Career draws upon the latest career research, combined with expert guidance, individual career exercises, and a group process which gives you an entirely new perspective on your ideal work possibilities.

You'll receive a Career Workbook that will help you uncover your career strengths, preferences, and skill sets. The information is matched with 6 career assessments: the Strengths Finder - II, the Strong Interest and Skill Assessment, the Myers-Briggs Step II, two career values assessments, the Skills Scan for Transferable Skills, and the MassCIS Skills Assessment.

Course Contents:

Session One - introductions, review of coursework and your Strengths Finder Assessment, and a unique exercise that uses past accomplishments to identify current career passions and purpose.

Session Two - review of the results of your Myers-Briggs Step II Assessment. You'll learn how your personality can help you succeed at work, and what kind of work environment best meets your needs.

Session Three - review of homework on career interests and discussion of the Strong Assessment results. You will leave knowing the types of work that interest you, and your confidence level in performing them.

Session Four - analysis of personal and career accomplishments to identify your key job skills. You will also meet privately with the instructor before Session Five.

Session Five - group review and analysis of all assessment results. We look for patterns that identify your key strengths and skills (your "career best" areas) and identify occupations that match those areas of strength. You'll now be able to say, "I know the occupations where I can succeed."

When: Stay tuned for dates!

Where: Career Source, 186 Alewife Brook Parkway (Fresh Pond Mall), 3rd floor, Cambridge - free parking!

Cost: $337 (subject to change). The cost includes a complete workbook, all career assessments, the Strengths Finder II book, career handouts, a Job Search Performance Review, and an hour-long career counseling session with the instructor.

Questions? Email or call Larry Elle, or 617-325-4521.




This course combines the resources of Career Source, Success Associates Career Services, and WIND/Boston. Success Associates is a career counseling service run by Larry Elle, a nationally certified career counselor. WIND/Boston is a networking group for Boston-area professionals.