Job Fair Tips for Businesses

Attract talented applicants!

Are you a job fair newbie? Here are a few tips to make sure your company looks good to quality candidates:

  • Provide good visuals - Even if your company has a limited budget for promotional materials, bring the most visually appealing and professional-looking materials you can to attract candidates to your table.
  • Stay at your table for most of the job fair - Everyone needs an occasional short break, but you don't want to leave your table unattended for too long. If you need to leave your table, it's good to leave a "Back in 10 minutes" sign. That way, applicants who want to connect with you will know when to come back.
  • Show your interest in the job seekers - Top candidates want to know you're interested in talking with them and promoting your company to them.
  • Minimize your phone time while at your table - We all need to check our phones every so often, but if you're on your phone more than you're talking with job seekers, you'll likely turn off the most desirable applicants.
  • Stay until the end of the job fair - We require all employers to stay until the job fair's over. If you leave early, you might miss some great candidates who have been waiting in line at other businesses' tables. Packing up an hour earlier also sends the message that you can't wait to get out of there, and this doesn't make your company look too good to quality applicants!