Manage Your Employment Brand

Attract star candidates

Do you know what people are saying about your company? How is it helping or hurting your recruiting efforts?

According to one recent study, 78% of job candidates consider employee ratings on sites like glassdoor or yelp before deciding if they even want to apply to a company. More than fifty percent of job seekers also consider the opinions of family and friends. So if your company's reputation is shaky, you'll have a harder time finding talented applicants.

Your employment brand affects how appealing your company is to potential candidates. Employment brand includes company culture, current employee and job candidate opinions about your company, and the corporate brand your company promotes.

Of course, smart candidates won't give too much weight to one or two negative reviews, particularly if the source appears to be an angry ex-employee or a not-particularly-balanced customer. But if there seems to be a pattern of discontent, the best applicants will probably look elsewhere.

So how can you manage your employment brand to attract strong applicants?
Here are a few tips:

  • Clarify your company's key attributes so you and your colleagues are all clear on what you want people to remember about the brand.
  • Promote a positive company culture - do your part to maintain a friendly, supportive and upbeat work environment. Promote (both internally and to the public) accomplishments and goals reached by your employees.
  • Build relationships with customers - answer customer complaints and comments; use social media and events to connect with your community.
  • Encourage happy customers and employees to spread the word - ask them to like, favorite, post reviews, tweet, and refer others to your company.
  • Collect feedback - use surveys, focus groups, and interviews to gather info, and use results to help your company improve.
  • Create fun and excitement - use games, contests, and incentives to motivate employees, promote your brand, and encourage customers to engage with your company.

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